Xbox One Lock In At GAME

We recently got the chance to attend a lock in event at our local GAME store to get our hands on the eagerly anticipated next gen console, the Xbox One.

The event was set to display the 4 main exclusives that are set for launch with the console on November 22nd, Dead Rising 3, Forza 5, Ryse: Son of Rome and Killer Instinct. Sadly Killer Instinct was unavailable due to it’s rig being buggy, so it was instead replaced with FIFA 14 so we could see what it looks like with the new engine.

Another downside for us was that we once again were unable to get hands on time with Dead Rising 3 due to everyone wanting to play it, and the demo being quite lengthy, so our opinion on this will be based on what we seen alone.


We were pleasantly surprised with how good this looked, admittedly it’s not a vast improvement from the Xbox 360 version but EA’s Ignite engine is definitely a step in the right direction. One of the main things EA have changed for this version is how realistic the crowd look. Now I know this is only a small thing in the wider scale of things, but we now finally have a crowd that looks as close to a real crowd as you could possibly hope for.

Another thing that EA’s Ignite engine has boasted is more realistic player movement, and their boasting is not just a load of hot air. The players movement is now a lot more fluent and when they take a hit they tend to fall a lot more realistically now.

For me the offside decision is still FAR too accurate for my liking, and I am hoping that one day they will have it make mistakes or give the attacking team the benefit of the doubt, but beggars can’t be choosers.

FIFA 14 is looking great on the Xbox One, and I am looking forward to seeing where EA’s Ignite engine can go in the future.

Ryse: Son of Rome

This wasn’t the first time we got to play this, we had originally got our hands on this game at Eurogamer earlier in the year, however unlike Eurogamer, we actually knew what was going on this time round so were able to survive longer than 30 seconds. The demo on display was Ryse’s co-operative Gladiator arena mode (although we played through it solo). The idea of this mode is to fight through waves of enemies of increasing difficulty, whilst completing a series of objectives.

One thing to note is that whilst you are completing the objectives, the enemy respawns are infinite, but once the objectives have been completed it is just a case of mopping up before proceeding on to the next objective.

Graphically this was looking great, the fluidity of the fighting was very tidy, and reminiscent of the Batman: Arkham series, and once you got a rhythm going with timed blocks and good use of counters, you will find yourself dispatching enemies with ease.

During the mode you gain a score from killing enemies, there is also a meter at the top stating how enterained the crowd are, although I couldn’t quite work out what this was for, my only guess was that it applied a score multiplier as the crowd got more entertained.

We were unfortunately unable to work out what button we had to press to perform the rather brutal looking finishing moves, which was a shame because some of them looked rather interesting, but we were informed after it was a simple case of locking on to an enemy when the skull icon appears above their head.

The Ryse demo gave us a small taste of what is to come, and has left us salivating and wanting more, and we can’t wait for November 22nd.

Dead Rising 3

As stated above this is from what we witnessed only, we sadly did not manage to get hands on with this demo.

Whilst at the lock in we watched 3 different gamers play the demo, and each time they did something different. One person decided he wanted to take the zombie hordes head on with machine gun gloves, where as another decided to go on a rampage with a JCB, each time regardless of what play style was chosen, it was full on frantic fun.

The zombies are as relentless as you’d expect from zombies, and don’t allow you to take your eye off the ball for one second, and should you get cornered by a group of them, then it’s game over pretty quickly.

Dead Rising 3 is looking leaps and bounds above the previous installments to the franchise, and it’s safe to say Capcom are going all out in order to out do themselves in way of craziness and innovation for the series.

The Kinect and Smartglass features were not on show at the lock in but we are really looking forward to what they have to offer. The 2 that we were most impressed with were the fact that your real life phone will ring whenever the in game phone rings, sounds kind of creepy but cool at the same time. The other feature we like the sound of was that Kinect will pick up on the sound levels in the room you are playing in, and if you are quite the zombies will pay less attention to you, however should you be playing in a noisy environment they the hordes will be on you like a flash.

Don’t think for one second that this means Dead Rising 3 will be taking the series in a more serious direction, because from what we seen it is doing anything but that, the game looked as though it has kept the majority of it’s arcade-esq charm, and the much bigger game world coupled with it’s many types of weapons at your disposal will keep you battering zombies in different manners for a very long time

Having not been fans of the previous games, what we seen of Dead Rising 3 had us picking our tongues up off the floor, and we were begging the guys at GAME to take our money to puy a deposit down for a pre-order

Why not check out our gallery from the event below, and let us know in the comments section which of thses games you are most looking forward to playing on the Xbox One, or even if it’s not one of these titles, let us know.

The Xbox One is out on November 22nd which is in 10 very agonizing days. IT’S ALMOST HERE EVERYONE!

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